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About Why...

Has the pandemic gotten you frustrated? What about everyday life? 

Are the kids driving you bananas?

Had a horrible day at work, life, or school?

Do you see a bar top full of stuff and experience an intense desire to sweep your arm across it; sending all the sh!t crashing to the ground?

Ever wish you could flip a lavishly set table for the drama, yet relief of it all? Do you Feel Limp Bizkit's "Break Stuff" in you absolute core? Or want to live out your very own "Office Space" moment... you know the one... 

If any of the above made you go "OMG YES!!!" then.....

Twisted Frenzy Rage Room LLC has your answers. Our Rage Rooms are the place to let loose, separate yourself from the stress and

leave the mess.

Put on your protective gear, pick your weapon then just rage out and make as much of a mess as you can.  Feel relieved and walk away 

 leaving all the clean up to us.

Smash away to glass, electronics, furniture and many more

breakable items available.  

We offer a safe and clean environment complete with full protective gear.  Before you enter any Room, you must have on

Sneakers or Boots and then gear up!! 

Protective Gear:

Full Coveralls, Goggles, Gloves, and Disposable Masks

   Weapons include:

Sledge Hammers, Baseball Bats, Golf Clubs, Crowbars


The Story

We know most people have some stress or anger just like us.  So what better way to relieve that than having a rage room to go to.  By no means is this an alternative to seeing an anger therapist, but more of a fun and relaxing way to burn off some steam.  We are so excited to open the first rage room here in Pasco County, Florida!  

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